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Mademoiselle Candle Cup is a vintage range of chic, glamorous, precious and refined candles, made in France.

It is the meeting of two worlds: that of vintage porcelain and the art of the candle.

We have chosen vintage to give a second life to all these wonderful delicate porcelain cups.

Too long forgotten in cupboards, often offered as wedding gifts, we hope that these Demoiselles will reappear in your home sublimated and perfumed!

Made of natural waxes and subtle fragrances, the candles

Mademoiselle Candle Cup invites you to enjoy the pleasure of the eyes, to relax, to escape, to travel back in time.

An ideal gift, aesthetic, timeless and affordable, more modern than a bouquet, less personal than a perfume, it is the ultimate refinement!

Visual and olfactory, the chic Mademoiselle Candle Cup is an obvious choice for a gift and a well thought-out decoration.

Each model is a limited edition.

In a world where relationships are so fragile, so virtual, candles embellish our relationships and Mademoiselle Candle Cup candles, refined and rich in personality, have years of history to share with us!

Lit or as a decorative object, Mademoiselle Candle Cup candles will find their place in your personal universe.

Please bear in mind that these vintage porcelains, from the 19th and 20th century, are second-hand items that have been in the loving care of others over the years; accept the traces of the past that give them their charm and authenticity...

...enter our universe and find yours!


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